5 Beauty Care Swaps to Make Before Winter

The brutal sting of winter’s chill may not be here just yet, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prep your skin for its inevitability. Just like the seasons change, so too must your skin (and hair!) care regimen. Ready to make a few simple beauty care swaps?

  1. Switch up your cleanser: A good skin cleanser that works for your skin type is essential. And giving it up? No thanks. But you may want to add a more seasonally appropriate cleanser to your routine. For winter, you want a creamier, and more moisture-rich cleansing lotion, as opposed to drying skin cleansers like foams.
  1. Add a richer moisturizer: Just like you want a more nourishing cleanser in the winter months, you want an extra creamy moisture treatment. This means your normal face oil or lotion might take a vacay until spring and you indulge in a thicker and more substantial crème to bring protection and hydration.
  1. Richer eye crème: Same rule as moisturizers—you want an eye crème that’s really going to protect the delicate skin around the eyes from drying out thanks to the cold-hot-cold air cycles going from chilly outside to sweltering indoors.
  1. Don’t forget your lips! We tend to equate lip balms with protection against harsh summer sun—but it’s also vital in the winter months too. Cold winter air can quickly dry out your lips as can all those PSLs, and the canned indoor heat. Switch from that tinted summery lip balm to a thick in-the-pot jar of flavorless and petroleum-free lip balm that’s loaded with moisturizing butters and oils.
  1. Amp up the hair care: While winter may give your hair a break from the pool and sun damage, it exposes it to other not-so-flattering situations like using the hair dryer way more, and that canned indoor air drying out your skin and lips. Switch from a light shampoo and conditioner to those heavier in oils and repairing ingredients to boost shine, decrease frizz, and reduce split ends. Top it off with a nourishing oil treatment, and remember: you don’t need to wash your hair everyday!

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