7 Black Seed Oil Benefits for Every Seasonal Skin Condition

No matter what the time of year, be sure to have plenty of black seed oil on hand for all of your skin woes. These benefits may surprise you.

The skin, much like the weather (or, more accurately, because of it), has its seasons, too. In the spring and summer, if we’re properly protecting our skin, it should be glowing and well hydrated. Challenges may be sweat-related breakouts, redness, sun damage, etc. In the cooler fall and winter months, however, it can be sapped of color, prone to dryness, itching, and breakouts from too much indoor heat, outdoor chill, and generally less healthy diets. Being indoors also exposes us to more environmental toxins (indoors can be five times more polluted than outdoors), and those stressors can irritate skin as well.

Black seed oil benefits range from the antibacterial to anti-inflammatory abilities. Here’s how it may improve your skin around the year.


1. Eczema: Dry winter air can lead to dry, itchy skin, better known as eczema. But with a little bit of black seed oil, redness and inflammation can be reduced and even prevented from returning.

2. Psoriasis: Eczema’s stubborn, painful, and hard to get rid of cousin, psoriasis can strike any time of year. Indoor heat/dryness may exacerbate psoriasis plaque. But black seed oil shows exceptional ability to calm the painful flare-ups and reduce the breakouts from spreading further.

3. Acne: Another condition that can occur in spring/summer, acne can be particularly frustrating in the winter months, too. Black seed’s ability to reduce inflammation and boost antioxidant activity can greatly reduce flare-ups and keep skin smooth and even-toned throughout the year.


4. Sun Damage/Burns: While prevention is key in keeping sun damage at bay, we all know it happens anyway—that one spot on the shoulder you missed, or the eyelids, etc. Black seed oil can help to regenerate the skin, not only speeding the healing process, but reducing the appearance of scars as well. This goes for sun damage or contact burns.

5. Fungal Infections: Warm weather is a breeding ground for fungal infections like ringworm, athlete’s foot, and nail infections. Unsightly and uncomfortable, some cases of ringworm are proving to be resistant to conventional antifungal medications. But black seed oil may be effective in treating the condition above and below the skin’s surface without the harshness of some antifungal medications taken internally to treat the conditions.

6. Bruises: What’s warm weather without being covered in bruises? From biking to hiking, surfing, or just playing in the park, bruises are the hallmark of warmer weather. And they can be pretty gnarly, leaving black and blue or yellowish-green marks for weeks. This is due to the damage to cells beneath the skin. Black seed oil’s anti-inflammatory benefits help to reduce the inflammation, which means reducing the discoloration and sensitivity common in bruising.

7. Bites/Stings: You’ll try to avoid them, but bug bites and stings are inevitable in the summer months. Speed healing and reduce discomfort with black seed’s anti-inflammatory effects.

So, be sure to have plenty of black seed oil on hand no matter what time of year it is!

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