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Nutri Face Serum

Hydrating rosehip with ribbons of raspberry seed.  A pop of pomegranate blended with exotic baobab and black seed oils.  Sunrise and sunset, under ...

Handmade and Harmonious

Would Betsy Ross, sitting and stitching up the first American flag, be as special if she had done it on a singer sewing machine? If grandma bought ...
Organic Recommends

Organic Recommends

Our sisters and brothers in the organic world offer products that, like Zatik, are good for the planet, body & budget. With October kicking off...
Not all Black Seed Oil or Thymoquinone's are equal!

Not all Black Seed Oil or Thymoquinone's are equal!

Black Seed oil, Black Cumin Seed Oil or Nigella Sativa Oil are all referring to the same oil. It is great to have technology and combine with scie...
Black Seed Oil

Black Seed Oil and More Now at vitacost.com

We make our black seed oil products for regular people to use. Recently, we received some great news at vitacost.com, a company that’s “dedicated to providing the highest quality health and wellness essentials at the best prices” has picked up our entire line of products.  
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Supercritical 1oz Black Seed Oil at Whole Foods Market

We’re proud to be the only brand offering supercritical black seed oil liquids at Whole Foods. We understand that not everyone may know what that means, and why it can help them to live healthier and happier. In this blog, we’ll go over how our supercritical products are made and how they can help you to get more out of your days.
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Black Seed Oil in Buzzfeed and More

We make our black seed oil for our customers. It’s genuinely rewarding to make products that can help someone’s overall health and quality of life. That being said, it’s great to see our products in the press, too. Beyond reading people saying nice things about us (always good) it’s great to see that our products really are helping people.
Wellness Inside Out: Black Seed Oil Benefits

Wellness Inside Out: Black Seed Oil Benefits

What you put into your body and on it can have a great effect on not only your complexion, but your health as well. Did you know that adding at least one oil to your natural medicine cabinet can have great benefits. Our Black Seed Oil Collection has so many benefits, it’ll be the perfect oil to add to your routine.
Essential Oils

The 5 Reasons Essential Oils are Healthy Life ‘Essentials’

If you’re a fan of natural beauty products (and we hope you are!), then you’re likely familiar with essential oils. Whether they’re used as a source of natural fragrance or other benefits, essential oils are in everything from skin cleansers and moisturizers to shampoo and deodorant.
Body Oil

Should You Be Using Body Lotion or Body Oil?

Beauty oils are all the rage right now—whether you’ve completely replaced your serums or crèmes with face oils, or you’ve just worked them into your routine along with everything else, you know how powerful they are. But what about body oils? Are they effective enough to replace lotions for rough, dry skin?
Natural Deodorant

5 Ways to Make Your Natural Deodorant More Effective

You probably wear deodorant year-round, but if it ever had a true season, these warm months ahead are certainly, ahem, ripe, for it. If you’ve (hopefully!) made the switch to natural deodorants, you know that while they are much safer than aluminum-dependent conventional deods, they don’t offer any type of antiperspirant action.
Black seed oil benefits

7 Black Seed Oil Benefits for Every Seasonal Skin Condition

Black seed oil benefits range from the antibacterial to anti-inflammatory abilities. Here’s how it may improve your skin around the year. So, be sure to have plenty of black seed oil on hand no matter what time of year it is! Check out our Black Seed Oil and Black Seed Oil Vegan softgels.