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Triclosan Ban

The FDA’s Triclosan Ban: a Victory for Small-Batch Soapmakers

Last week, the FDA announced a major victory for our health and wellness—the agency banned the use of triclosan in soaps, specifically those marketed as antibacterial, which make up a whopping 40 percent of the total soap market and 90 percent of all antibacterial soaps.
Olive Oil

7 Genius Beauty Uses for Olive Oil

It’s probably in your kitchen right now—maybe even in the last bite of food you ate today. Olive oil is a ubiquitous cooking essential—it’s delicious, healthy, and incredibly versatile. And if you haven’t moved it into your beauty routine yet, prepare for these beauty benefits of olive oil to rock your world.
bar soap

Bar Soaps are Better than Liquid (and Grandmother Approved!)

Of course, when we talk about bar soap, we most certainly are not talking about the detergent-laced supermarket aisle stuff that leaves you fresh and clean as a whistle. There’s a new soap in town, the hand-milled, small-batch, natural-ingredient soaps that you need to know about.